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My Girlfriend's a Star!

I was hopeful this famous woman would be interested in me.

I'm just hanging out here, nowhere near famous, just absorbing some of the classiness, although the sunglasses definitely add suave to the atmosphere as I float on my rubber inner tube looking like Joe Cool. Sometimes you've got to look the part, you've got to have feathers to fly, or something like that.

Because l had Mary's home number, I called her for a date, see if she wanted to go to San Luis Obispo for drinks. She agreed to try me out.

I drove out to Creston and picked her up. We went out for drinks, my treat. Afterward, we went to a movie, but as we were waiting in line for tickets my pager went off, so I left to find a pay phone to call the answering service, scheduling the problem for the next morning. Hanging up I dug in my pocket to pay the theater kiosk. I stopped walking and recounted. Four dollars. It wasn't enough. I patted my other pockets. They were all empty.

Oh man, I spent too much on drinks, I didn’t have enough for the movie. At that time in my career, I didn't have a credit card either.

Now I needed to decide whether that call was a real emergency. It gave me a bona fide way out of this insolvency problem. I walked up to my date.

"Can you lend me some money?" More surprised at how little I had left than embarrassed for running out in front of a date, I asked Mary if she could lend me a few bucks. She nodded and dug into her purse.

After the movie ended we drove back over the grade. It was a full moon; I suggested I show her my place. We walked around the pond and up and down large hills watching the moonbeams turn our breath into a fog.

I drove Mary back home; there was little to say because we still had little in common. I dropped her off, agreeing to call about her foal in the next week or so.

As the full moon waned, I thought of ways to become more involved in Mary’s foaling. At the time I was giving equine reproduction lectures to my clients. So far these talks covered getting the mare pregnant as well as maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Realizing I could finale the lecture by showing a video recording of a birthing, I called her to get an ok for the project. She thought it was a good idea, especially because it meant there would be a veterinarian already present for the birth.

I picked up a video camera, camera stand, and lights and arrived at Mary’s ranch on Saturday.






Audiobook coming soon



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