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Gulfstream 200

Marol Pemberton was a new friend of Rory's. He met her at a pig hunt, and they connected immediately. Their meeting was fortuitous for both of them. She needed a veterinarian who could help her, and her brother Hugh build an ostrich hatching operation in the United States. Rory needed to buy equipment for the veterinary practice he started two years ago.

The fact that she was beautiful was a bonus for Rory. He liked everything about her; she was tall and thin with long, silvery blonde hair and a decidedly British accent. And she was well-educated, witty, and self-assured.

Katie also appreciated Marol’s generosity. She’d spent valuable time getting married and now it was imperative for her to get to the Middle East as quickly as possible. Marol offered her and Rory passage on her private jet as a wedding present.

Besides getting Katie to the Middle East in a luxurious way, this arrangement gave Marol the opportunity to impress the hell out of Rory. He and Marol would go on to Israel to observe Israel's largest ostrich facility in operation. It would be an excellent learning opportunity for him, the veterinarian in charge of her ostrich import business.


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