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Dr. Jim Aarons has a unique view of the world, having spent a lifetime doctoring animals. Since graduating from the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982, he has been responsible for the physical and mental soundness of a variety of critters and their human friends.

With his unique and upfront writing style, Dr. Jim artfully mixes the softness of romance against the harsh canvas of science and history. Penning experiences from a long life working at zoos, horse farms, cattle round-ups, and companion animal medicine cases Doc mixes animal medicine with human nature. He has created the Katie Reynolds series, a saga of our early attempts to find a real reason for us to be here.

Dr. Jim aims to craft fictional stories that are not your garden variety of veterinary tales. His books include his first attempt, “Fear of Failure” an autobiography, followed by the Katie Reynolds series.

Thank you for giving me a whirl and have a great read!

Life is better with horses!

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