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Tiger Lady

Selena, a bulimic Playmate sexually abused from childhood moves her tiger sanctuary from Los Angeles into Rory Evan's practice area, using sex as her currency.

Seeing her income dwindle a few years after her magazine pictures debuted, Selena, a bulimic Playmate model leaves LA to open a tiger sanctuary on an old ranch outside of Paso Robles, California rebuilding herself as the Tiger Lady.


Using her silky-smooth sexy style, she goes far finagling favors from wanna-be helpers, likely half the population of friendly people in this small town.


Selena moves into veterinarian Rory Evan’s practice area, asking for his help to oversee the medical care for the exotic tigers she plans to keep on her ranch.

Relying on donations to her sanctuary for income, Selena continues to struggle until she meets Chuck, a charismatic tatted biker dude big on heart and short on intelligence.

Having worked as Mike Tyson’s tiger handler in Las Vegas, Chuck shows Selena how she can showcase her sanctuary for more donations. They hatch a scam to pull at peoples’ purse strings using Go Fund Me campaigns whenever a medical problem arises.

This works too well. Soon, Selena ignores instructions, even rearranges safety restraints during her filming.

Sure enough, one taping turns horribly chaotic when Selena removes a mouth gag from a sedated tiger because she felt it made the sanctuary look inhumane.  


The sheriff is brought in after the incident and shares the fact a lot of Selena’s promises are empty.

Rory's love life is always a subplot in these stories. In Tiger Lady he reaquaints with Marol Pemberton during the Pig Hunt.

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