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My Books

I write books when I'm not doing veterinary stuff. It keeps me from womanizing and drinking too much.

Below are some of my stories.

The first one, Fear of Failure, is my autobiography


With my life duly recorded, it was easy to blur factual
experiences with fictional possibilities. Wanting to explore our native American culture I penned a series of five books I call the Modern Katie Reynolds books.

Katie Reynolds, a Navajo maiden is accepted into veterinary school where she falls in love with Rory Evans, a white dude from southern California.


katie series.png

Wanting to know more about Middle Eastern history around the time of the Exodus I focused my ADHD mind to create the Ancient Katie series where I send Katie back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs after a grenade explosion propels her into 1328 BC.



While Katie and I are enjoying the ancient history series, faithful Rory becomes lonely and dejected. To make things more complicated, several women are attracted to the young handsome veterinarian. 



Click on any of the images to get into a genre, or click here to see my website's opening page. 


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