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The autobiographical work “Fear of Failure” documents the life and times of James Aarons, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It is a bold, uncensored look at the struggles of a young man looking for fulfillment in his profession and love in his life. Dr. Aarons pulls no punches and makes no excuses as he charmingly writes his way through his life’s journey. It is an effort that took great courage to write, and took even greater courage for his wife to permit him to do so. Most of all, this book is full of hope. The author’s self-disclosure is at once heartbreaking and enlightening, honest and innocent, with an eagerness to face headlong difficult and often painful truths. It is a memoir and an expose that is captivating and very hard to put down until you finish.


Knowledge is a journey that has no end.

It is a never-ending circle that should go on and on.

The Cycle of Knowledge

Learn It


Do It


Teach It

Cycle of KnowledgeJames E. Aarons DVM
Circle of Knowledge.png
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Chapter 1


In Danger of Leading a Lewd, Idle and Desolate Life


 “To be wise you must first be young and stupid.” Anonymous



Ding-dong, ding-dong. The doorbell came alive in the darkness sometime between midnight and first light. It took a few long minutes for Mom to open the door. 


Very quickly four uniformed officers barged into the foyer. “We are from the Huntington Beach Department, and have a warrant for your son James Aarons; we have come to bring him in for questioning.”


“You can’t just barge in and take him away!” Mother was scared and indignant, worried about her son, what with the police barging in the middle of the night.


“Yes, we can. This search warrant gives us the authority ma’am.” Immediately they moved up the stairs; someone explained the layout of the bedrooms to these men; they knew just where to find me, the first bedroom at the top of the stairs.

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Susie, My First Horse - James E. Aarons DVM
Learning to Ride
Pete the Pet Pirhana - James E. Aarons DVM
Pete the Pet Pirhana
Working with Dr. Walton, the Dairyvet - James E. Aarons DVM
Down and Dirty in the Milking Parlor
Preg Checking Cows - James E Aarons DVM
Preg Checking Cows
X-ray Technician - James E. Aarons DVM
Night Diving - James E. Aarons
Dinoflagellates, ocean fireflies
Sea Creature - James E. Aarons DVM
Encounter with a sea monstor
Rip Currents! - James E. Aarons DVM
Backpacking Evolution Valley - James Aarons
Evolution Valley
Jugular Catheter - James E. Aarons DVM
Jugular Catherization
FOF Ch 17 - Developing Sensitivity
Developing Sensitivity
Bike Trip - James E. Aarons DVM
Bike Trip
The New Veterinarian - James E. Aarons DVM
The New Veterinarian
Big Sur, Where Time Stands Still - James e. Aarons DVM
Big Sur Slide
Big Sur Magic
Meeting Mary Macgregor
My Girlfriend's a Star!
New Moon, a beautiful beginning
The Great American Roadshow
On the road with Mary Macgregor
Fall concert in Steamboat Springs
Marriage Proposal
Winter Wedding
Local Wedding
Zoo Veterinarian, Chapter 35 - James E. Aarons DVM
Zoo Veterinarian
Darting Equipment
A tiger bit my thumb off
Doctor, heal thyself
Chiquiuta: Podcast 30 - Mary Macgregor
Treating a monkey with diarrhea
Ostrich Veterinarian
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