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Cocaine Eggs


“I like you, Rory," Marol said, staring evenly into Rory's blue eyes, locking her gaze onto his. "There is great promise between us which excites me tremendously as to future possibilities. Although you remain, my main guy, I continue to search... I would be a fool to offer a vow of exclusivity to a fellow who remains insecure and jealous. I do not want to spend my life in shambles because of your imagined fires.”


Rory nodded, breaking the stare.


Marol smiled. “But remember, where I come from we don’t shoot

horses when they get ornery; we tame ‘em.”

Cocaine is smuggled into the U.S. inside ostrich eggs heading into a USDA-sanctioned quarantine station. Cocaine is packed into empty eggs in Mexico, and the eggs are brought across the border legally, going right into incubation stations without ever being checked. These are big containers full of eggs, rolled from trucks or airplanes into these stations. And it's all above board until this point. The eggs containing cocaine leave the buildings somehow, probably as infertile eggs.

Cocaine Eggs is loaded with sex, drugs, and cool chapters like shark hunting, the Florida Keys, Las Vegas, New Orleans. Did I say sex? A Playboy model has Rory come out to certify her tiger enclosure, really.


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Tevis Cup Pt 1
Completing the Tevis
Private Jet to Key West
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