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Veterinary Vignettes

Click a tile below to enjoy my veterinary stories

Burro Lift
Cow Tipping is Real!
Left Displaced Abomasum
Cow Tipping Secrets
Dinosaur Tracks
Distemper Virus
Sanger Flood
Umbilical Hernia
Cuterebra Warbles

Animal Blogs from Yéiitsoh Omen

Queensland Horse Ride
Australia's Bats
Australia's Birds
Aussie Oddities
Bats Carry Hendra Virus
Hazmat Suits
Sugar Gliders
Taronga Zoo
King's Fever
Equine Pneumonia

Animal Blogs from Death From Down Under

Animal Blogs from Cocaine Eggs

Tevis Cup Pt1
Completing the Tevis!

#B07E33: Vet Stuff Tiles

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