A Single God Before Yahweh

Hebrews Plagiarized Akhenaten's God, Aten

They called him Yahweh

“Monotheism owes its origins to ancient Egypt. From 1379BC to 1362BC, during the time that the Israelites lived there, the country was ruled by Amenhotep IV. He substituted a universal and virtually exclusive supreme god, Aten, for the traditional polytheistic pantheon. So convinced was Amenhotep of the existence of this supreme deity that he changed his name to Akhenaten, meaning literally, “raising the high name of Aten”. No icon of this super-deity was allowed but, in Akhenaten’s imagination, the god was symbolized by the disc of the sun, winged and with outstretched hands. The god Aten and the notion of the pharaoh returning to his creator, the Sun, was in use in at least 2000 BC.”

— Robert Schroëder (2007)

Akhenaten, the First to Worship One God, Chapter 12

“This is what I’m talking about.” Neal was excited. “In the Bible, Psalm 104 tells of the great manifestation of God's all-encompassing power. He created grass for cattle to eat, and trees for birds to nest in, and the sea for ships to sail on and for fish to swim in. He recited the psalm.

“The similarity is astounding, isn't it?” He continued.

“Comparing these passages, who could argue some form of cultural exchange was moving from Egypt to Israel? How else can we avoid the conclusion the ancient Hebrew who wrote Psalm 104 has somehow borrowed from Akhenaten's Hymn to the Aten?”

“But I thought the Exodus never really happened, it was a biblical invention.”

“Yes and no. Not as grand as the mass chaotic movement we watched Charlton Heston achieve on the movie The Ten Commandments. He was the one who yelled ‘Let my people go!’ That was not true, it didn’t happen that way, not at all.”

“The real exodus was the learning of common religious beliefs the ancient Hebrews received from the Egyptians. The pharaohs had many wives, and a lot of them were from the modern day region of Syria and Israel. There was a lot of exchange between them, starting with Thutmose I, who established an outpost in the Middle East at Karkamış, on the Euphrates River. Along with the Tigris, Karkamış was established as one of the centers of human power. That’s why it is called the cradle of civilization. This cradle became intertwined with Egypt during the Amarna Age and resulted in a radical shifting of religious thought from many gods and goddesses to only one. Akhenaten forbade the worship of other gods, a radical departure from the previous thousand years of Egyptian religious practice. Then he issued a royal decree the name Aten was no longer to be depicted by the hieroglyph of a solar disc emanating rays but instead had to be spelled out phonetically…”

With the reign of Akhenaten, the worship of Aten came to its pinnacle. He started his reign in the capitol city of Thebes, but had difficulties with the powerful priesthood of Amen-Re which had its main temple at Karnak. In the fifth year of his reign he disbanded the priesthood of all the other gods in Egypt except Aten. He changed the religion from polytheistic to monotheistic. The King changed his name to Akenaten, meaning "servant of Aten." In addition, he moved the capitol city from Thebes to a newly constructed city of Akhetaten.

Akhenaten forbade the worship of other gods, a radical departure from the previous thousand years of Egyptian religious practice. Then he issued a royal decree the name Aten was no longer to be depicted by the hieroglyph of a solar disc emanating rays but instead had to be spelled out phonetically…”

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