Kikkuli, the Horse Whisperer

"Thus speaks Kikkuli, master horse trainer of the land of the Mitanni." Kikkuli, the ancient horse-master developed the first recorded plan for training and caring for horses. Many of Kikkuli's training methods are still considered sound and, in their time, they allowed the Hittites to become a mighty power rivaling Egypt. Suppililiuma yearned for Hittite supremacy, leading to his acquisition of a large number of horses and the services of a leading Mitannian horse-master, Kikkuli. His training program produced superb horses for the Hittites. His methods were preserved on four clay, cuneiform tablets known as The Kikkuli Text. Kikkuli used “interval” training, and stressed the leading of hor

Anatomy Lab

A mutual attraction develops between Katie and Rory while cutting into cold dead animals

Navajo Ghosts

A person’s chʼį́įdii is the spirit left after the last breath stops, and the chʼį́įdii may become trapped inside if a person dies in the hog

Old Sacramento

Rory parked the car. Should I run out first and open her door? He didn’t want to come off too strong, but he wanted Katie to know he liked h

Wedding Preparations

“Now you have lit a fire and that fire should not go out. The two of you now have a fire that represents love, understanding and a philosophy of life. It will give you heat, food, warmth, and happiness. This new fire represents a new beginning – a new life and a new family. The fire should keep burning; you should stay together. You have lit the fire for life, until old age separates you.” — Navajo Wedding Vow Rory grabbed a beer and wandered his quiet house, allowing gulps of brew to slow his thoughts and focus on feelings. Yep, he wanted this, and he was ready for it. He’d wanted to marry Katie for as long as he had known her. And this was the way to do it, the Navajo way. The Diné soirees

Fanny Anns

As they turned a corner, they found themselves in front of a saloon that spilled light and laughter onto the boardwalk. “Hey, it’s Fanny Ann


Tal explained what happened. “After we picked Pelipa up in Kayenta, we were on our way to Tuba City, and we were entering Tsegi Territory. I was driving, and it was a warm evening, about umm, 10:00 p.m. We had the windows down. It was a moonless night on this stretch of road, so pitch black we could only see a few feet beyond the headlights.” “God dammit, that’s the way it was with me," Katie exclaimed. "It’s always like that, Tal.” “Maybe so. It was so dark I closed my eyes to get relief from the fathomless blackness. “Oh, you’re telling her the story,” René said as he took a seat and jumped right in. “We had been driving for more than an hour with Tal at the wheel. Pelipa was quiet, and I

Tower Bridge

After dinner, they walked in the misty night, following a concrete pathway up the levee. It merged onto a ribbon of asphalt running on top of packed earth berms that contained the Sacramento River. “Oh, it feels great out here!” Katie opened her sweater to the bracing coolness. The fog hid the pleasure boats along the river. Snippets of conversation and laughter floated through the air. A loud horn broke the background noise and drew their attention to the Tower Bridge lights. A large ship waited to continue its voyage along the Sacramento River, and the bridge had to open for it. The ship’s horn asked again The bridge responded with warning sirens; flashing yellow lights whirled at both end

Intravenous Vodka

Rory turned his truck onto Hwy 46 heading back to Paso. In a good mood, he rolled the windows down and turned the radio louder. Katie did the right thing, the way she showed Tal and everybody else who her real man was. He reviewed the case management in his mind. Bolt was a French bulldog, commonly known as a Frenchie. He was a white, short nose, snorting thing and the love of Sheriff McKissack's life. Rory needed to figure out how much vodka to give the dog. He tried to remember its weight, probably near twenty-four pounds. Twenty-two pounds is ten kilograms, he thought, so I could safely use one liter of fluids at a 7% alcohol concentration. I'll remove 175 ml of the saline fluid and repla

Cannon Bone

Horses have totally lost their thumbs and their pinkies, and run on an enlarged third finger called the cannon bone while the ring and index fingers have diminished in size, and now simply hang on either side of the cannon bone as splint bones. Katie, Rory, and Gay gathered around a formalin-stiffened horse positioned upright within a sling, winched up in a chain, so the legs were at eye-level. Removing the skin from the right front and rear legs allowed the students to follow the limbs’ nerve and vessel pathways. Today Gay would be the reader while the other two followed the anatomy she described. “What are we reviewing today?” Rory asked. Gay flipped the pages in her study guide.“Bones and

Yotzei Dofen

Ancient C-Sections were so prevalent they caused a legal issue to arise regarding one's inheritance. A Successful C-section depended upon keeping mom still. The ancients used alcohol as well as natural plants sedatives. C-sections have been done for thousands of years, but long before Rome’s time, about twelve hundred years earlier. The Babylonian Talmud, an ancient Jewish religious text, mentions a procedure similar to the caesarean section. The procedure is termed yotzei dofen, and was performed in temples in northern Iraq, from Baghdad to Mosul, which was called Nineveh back then.” “They did it without anesthesia?” “There are a number of sources in the Talmud that discuss the case of a su


Rory, point out the cannon bone.” He did. “It’s also called the third metacarpus,” Katie added. “Yes. So, what bones are involved in splints?” “The ones on either side of the cannon bone, here and here, the 2nd and 4th metacarpals,” Katie pointed to the slender bones attached to each side of the cannon bone. What causes a splint to form? Gay asked. A trauma to a splint bone, either from a crossover injury where the opposite hoof hits an inside splint bone, or from hitting a leg against an object. The trauma of the impact inflames the ligament between the splint and the cannon bone, and the resulting swelling and inflammation can be quite painful. “It says to wiggle the 2nd and 4th metacarpal

Ancient Stills

“They used what they had, alcohol and herbs. Early European travelers to Africa observed Caesarean sections being performed on a regular basis in the 1800’s. The expectant mother was anesthetized with alcohol, and herbal mixtures were used to encourage healing. I don’t see why the same couldn’t be done in ancient times. [if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:DocumentProperties> <o:Revision>0</o:Revision> <o:TotalTime>0</o:TotalTime> <o:Pages>1</o:Pages> <o:Words>66</o:Words> <o:Characters>380</o:Characters> <o:Company>OCVS</o:Company> <o:Lines>3</o:Lines> <o:Paragraphs>1</o:Paragraphs> <o:CharactersWithSpaces>445</o:CharactersWithSpaces> <o:Version>14.0</o:Version> </o:DocumentProperties> <o:OfficeDocum

Outside Chauvet Cave

Rory and Katie were standing with others outside Chauvet Cave. Marol was being filmed for an opening sequence. “I am standing on a limestone outcropping in southern France above tidy vineyards carpeting the Ardèche Valley. In a few minutes," began the attractive woman with long, silvery blonde hair. "We will walk into prehistory, exploring the Cave of Forgotten Dreams, humankind’s earliest church.” She wore a one-piece jumpsuit that zipped closed at the front and spoke with a heavy South African accent. “Hello, I am Marol Pemberton reporting for the Discovery Channel, and I am outside Chauvet Cave. It is unique the world over for the ancient pictographs that line the limestone walls. A cave

Peyote Sing

“What should I wear to the peyote party, Katie?” “Rory, it’s not a party, it’s a religious service. Wear some nice clothes. Preferably all participants wear traditional dress and have taken a bath before attending. There are no other preliminary preparations, like fasting or sweating. I’m wearing my long dress.” “The one you wore to Paula’s wedding?” “Umm hmm,” she nodded. “What about my hat, should I bring it?” “Not inside the tepee. But a tie would be nice. Wear your Mickey Mouse tie.” “I thought this was all solemn and shit. Why would I wear a Mickey Mouse tie?” “Relax, its formal, but nothing is prescribed about what to wear. The tie will make the others smile for you. It would be like a

Mile High Club

After Pounder was taken away for loading on the plane, Janie walked Jen as far as she was allowed to go without a ticket. They hugged, and Jen headed for the long snaking line of people waiting to go through the security stations. “Excuse me Miss, is this your bag?” An English-accented voice asked. Janie turned to see two fellows, one wearing a curious brown hat. The thing was made of green canvas and had what appeared to be corks dangling from the brim. Janie quickly averted her glance afraid her reaction to the God-awful thing would be rude. The tall one who spoke was pointing to Jen’s carry-on. “Yes, no not mine, it's Jen’s. She stepped into line over there. She’s the one wearing a cowboy

Caves: Womb of the Earth Goddess

Equating the human vulva to cave entrances, our early ancestors felt earth was controlled by a goddess. Entering caves was to enter the womb of the Great Mother Earth. “Caves represent a world hidden from view; they are dark and mysterious and dangerous. Magic or natural energy was thought to exist here. In myth and legend caves provided access to the supernatural. Like the spirits that inhabited them, caves harbored sources of power. They served as passageways from the earth to the underworld. Because caves were believed to be places of emergence, they became the center of the ancient world, and the goddesses coming forth were naturally in charge of fertility. As the womb of Mother Earth, t

Queensland Horse Ride

There was a persistent tap on Jen’s door. “I’ve scheduled a horseback ride today Jen. You and I are going to check fence and water lines,” Billy said through the closed door. “That sounds great, but I’m going to need breakfast.” “It’s too late for breakfast. Besides, I fancy a bushman’s breakfast; a morning piss, a good look round, and nothing to eat until lunch. I’ll be waitin’ outside.” “Well lunch then,” she replied, as she heard his footsteps withdraw. It was amazing how fucking irritating Billy could be. She pulled on some loose fitting jeans and laced up her sneakers. “Good morning,” she said when she opened the front door. He was waiting on the small front porch for her. “G’day,” he r

Australia's Bats

Moving their horses closer to the forest edge, Jen could make out some type of dark fruit hanging from the trees. “What is that fruit in the trees?” Billy laughed. “Those are flying foxes, bats. They roost in the trees during daylight. They eat fruit, pollen, and nectar from the trees they forage during the darkness.” “Our bats eat insects, or at least the ones I know about. They track down insects with sonar ability.” “Fruit bats don’t need fancy radar devices, they’re after fruit, not bugs. Plus they are rather clumsy, they aren’t the stealthy silent winged insectivores that populate the other parts of the world, and they can’t land worth a shit, they sort of crash land into the trees,” he

Lempa Statues

The Goddess of Death that influenced Katie was one of many fertility statues found in Lempa, Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite. Cursed Ancient Statue: The Goddess of Death, c. 3500 BC. This curious limestone statue was unearthed at Lemb (Lempa), Cyprus in 1878. It has earned the nickname ‘Goddess of Death’ but its actual name is the 'Woman from Lemb’. Dating from 3500 BC, its real purpose is unknown but it may have been a fertility statue or a representation of a goddess whose name has been lost to time. This little innocuous looking statue has become famous for the deadly effect it has had on each of its owners. The statue has belonged to at least four different families and each one has

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