Stress Colitis

tress diarrhea is caused by emotional stress. Your dear pet is taking life way too seriously, which makes the intestines, especially the lar

The Circle of Knowledge

Knowledge is a journey that has no end. It is a never-ending circle that should go on and on. The first step is learning. This is where the foundation is laid. To be able to learn, one must be humble to the fact there are things one does not know. "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." Epictetus *** The second step of this never-ending circle is applying knowledge. Ask yourself if it serves any purpose? What good is it? We must all apply what we learn or else all the hard work and efforts would go in vain. "Knowledge without Application is like a Foundation without a Building on it." Anish Mathai Matthew *** The third step of this never-ending circle is sharin

Gulfstream 200

Marol Pemberton was a new friend of Rory's. He met her at a pig hunt, and they connected immediately. Their meeting was fortuitous for both of them. She needed a veterinarian who could help her, and her brother Hugh build an ostrich hatching operation in the United States. Rory needed to buy equipment for the veterinary practice he started two years ago. The fact that she was beautiful was a bonus for Rory. He liked everything about her; she was tall and thin with long, silvery blonde hair and a decidedly British accent. And she was well-educated, witty, and self-assured. Katie also appreciated Marol’s generosity. She’d spent valuable time getting married and now it was imperative for her to

Our First Altar

Caves were our first churches. The Chauvet Cave altar has a bear skull placed upon a prominent stone inside The earliest religious altar suggests ancient people worshipped “We know bears lived there because of the many images painted on the walls, and the animals themselves marked the cave walls by repeatedly raking their claws across the limestone, incising sets of four parallel lines. Plus there were many sleeping places the bears carved out, their individual bedrooms for hibernation.” “Then why were people drawn to the caves?” Rory asked. “It must have been important to them to work around the bear season, or should I call that the people season?” “Caves represent a world hidden from view

‘Ahé’éské, Diné Marriage Ceremony

“In Beauty may she walk. All day long may she walk. Through the returning seasons may she walk. Beautifully will she possess again. Beautifully birds… Beautifully joyful birds... On the trail marked with pollen may she walk. With grasshoppers about her feet may she walk. With dew about her feet may she walk.” — Navajo Wedding Prayer Katie led the bride’s procession carrying a ceremonial wedding basket filled with blue corn mush. Crowbear was on her left carrying the traditional water jug, cup, and corn pollen. Katie wore a red and black dress Rose wove especially for her. She was also wearing Rose’s beautiful turquoise and silver squash blossom necklace, with matching earrings, and t

Chauvet Cave: Our First Church

Chauvet Cave is the earliest example of an ancient church. It is a multi-room cavern. Many of the walls portray animals, bears in particular

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