Spider Monkey in Holmby Park

The motorcycle slowly wound its way around the curved streets of the Bel Air-Beverly Hills region of Los Angeles. Brian was on a lazy, lets-see-how-the-other-half-lives expedition into the exclusive enclave of the rich and famous. He turned right off Comstock Avenue onto the main entrance to Holmby Park, a green oasis in the middle of Beverly Hills. Approaching a small gathering at the access to the park, he was surprised to see the people were crowded around a medium-sized, sable-colored monkey. Brian stopped and dismounted, pushing his kickstand down. Grabbing a water bottle, he headed to the furry attraction. The female monkey sat comfortably on its haunches and Brian could see her silver

Cow Tipping Happens!

Despite the myth, cow tipping is real, a necessary part of performing surgery on the cow, when the bovine really is cast upside down to reli


It's springtime, the sun's out, so are the snakes. It's time to get your rattlesnake vaccine. Around here, that's the Paso Robles area, there are plenty of rattlers, and again the first word of advice is avoidance. Keeping dogs leashed and enrolling them in rattlesnake avoidance classes are still the best ways to protect them from being bitten. What is this rattlesnake shot all about? The vaccine stimulates a dog to create his own antibodies to rattlesnake venom that will protect him from bites that happen in the future. The vaccine causes the dog to make its own antibodies against the protein structure of the rattler's venom. These antibodies remain on standby ready to neutralize the deadly

Canine Distemper in People?

Is it time to ask your veterinarian for a distemper vaccination for yourself? Canine Distemper is a major problem in dogs. Before vaccinations were produced up to 80% of the puppies in a litter would die. Measles vaccine has a lower mortality rate, killing two out of ten unvaccinated children. Measles virus and distemper virus are closely related, both are morbilliviruses with similar structures causing similar signs in people and animals. In recent years the distemper virus has spread from carnivores like dogs and raccoons... to lions and tigers... seals... and now monkeys. Humans are likely the next hosts for the distemper virus. The distemper virus in monkeys looks eerily similar to measl

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