The Modern Series

People are asking about this story I call my Katie Reynolds thing. I call the first part Modern Katie. These first five books deal with Katie and Rory's relationship during and after vet school, before Katie is lost in time. It’s a love story between Katie and Rory who are veterinary students at UC Davis in California. Katie is Navajo and grew up on the large Navajo reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Rory is a smart, attractive young white professional male. Once they fall in love, they get themselves in and out of trouble with each other, their friends, and their veterinary medical experiences. They make you wonder how in the hell they are ever going to get past this next problem. And t

Butterfly Boy: Book 1

“You are so beautiful, my Indian Princess. “And you are my K’aalógii.” “What is K’aalógii?” “K’aalógii is Butterfly. You are my Butterfly Boy, and I am your Indian Princess.” The curtain of water covered the entrance into a dark cave. The daylight dimmed as it passed through the moving water, casting an unnatural, cold-blue glow that played a light game on the algae growing there. It made the grotto walls look soft to the touch with their deep-blue hue. But, although appearing warm and comforting, the algae gave the walls a cold and slimy feel. Rory was attracted to this novelty, but Katie felt a foreboding as she neared the cave’s entrance. Eager to show his gal the eerie magic, he stepped

Yéiitsoh Omen: Book 2

"How do I look?” "Like you just touched a dead body. Come on, I’m hungry.” — Jim Aarons, Yéiitsoh Omen Hearing an unusual noise, the two dogs jumped up with ears cocked. Sinbad let out a bark and bee-lined a path to the front door through the doggy door. He jumped right through barking ferociously. Jasmine followed. “What the hell?” Janie walked into the living room holding two full glasses. Outside a savage tussle ensued. Beside snarling and barking from the dogs, Paula heard a low deep growling she couldn't identify. Janie rushed towards the door to turn on the porch light when a high-pitched yelp came from one of the dogs. At the same moment, Jasmine returned, barging through the dog door

Tsegi Ruins: Book 4

Navajo spirits are pushing harder on Katie. They want something from her, yet she’s unsure what it is. They don’t want to kill her otherwise she’d be toast by now. The answer becomes clearer following an all night peyote tipi rite. Rory realizes the tug on Katie might pull her from him, and he ups the ante by marrying his sweetheart. Nonetheless her quest to understand the ravages of disease continues to push her to further her education. Katie Reynolds is a modern Navajo Indian. They call themselves the Diné. Early in her life Katie was bitten with the bug, the bug to help animals. Hard work and intelligence paid off, she became a veterinarian, a first in her Navajo nation, and fell in love

Need a leg up?

Need a leg up? A reminder from Jim Aarons Hey, all you writers who have a project to pitch. It's time to zero in on potential contacts at the Central Coast Writers Conference! The speakers have posted their contact info along with their social media handles, so it's time to forge some ties, open some opportunities. Find what the speakers are interested in to see if they can help your project. Get inside their social network, let them know you're looking to talk. Have a good query letter ready. Remember, you're selling not just your writing, but also your marketing ability. You need to convince a potential helper you are a worthwhile investment. Below is this summer's query letter specific to

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