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Hardware Clearance Sale: All items must go!

This Wednesday, Feb 12 I'm having four screws removed from my foot:

The screws were necessary to repair an injury I sustained November 22 when my ladder slipped as I was cleaning the gutters around the eaves of my house. The ladder fell straight down while I veered to the right. Catching my left foot between the ladder rungs my foot stayed locked in place as I fell sideways.

The force of the fall pushed my metatarsal bones upward and to the outside.

Here's what my foot looked like before the accident:

Four of my five metatarsal bones were dislocated after a sliver of the lateral head of metatarsal 1 broke off:

After anesthetizing me, Doc Kreuger pulled my dislocations back in place and secured the repair using four bone screws:

For two months I've been hobbling around in a boot and took to riding a scooter. Next Wednesday I will be one step closer to a satisfying recovery.

PS, this was a special Christmas event at my writing group meeting when I played Santa. I don't wear the same stuff at work.


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