Navajo Shape-Shifters

“It was over fifteen years ago. Mother left for the evening with the other grownups, and my cousin Bidzil and I were in charge. Ahiga was elsewhere. We were in Uncle Gus’s trailer playing cards with the little kids. Someone knocked on the door, which was weird right off. Usually, a person knocks and calls out. I saw a shadow through the window next to the door. Bidzil went to check it out, but there was nobody there, so he closed the door and locked it.” “Here are your salads.” The waitress moved in and set the plates down. No one even looked her way. Everyone’s eyes were on Katie. “Pepper, ground pepper?” Rory nodded his head, and she twisted the pepper grinder on everyone’s salad. “Can I g

Skinwalker: Tsegi Ruins, Ch4

“Tal was turning hard, slowing to almost a stop when something leaped out of the ditch on my side of the truck. We came face to face with th

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