Katie answered the phone. “Hello? Oh hi, Tal.” “No, René’s still asleep. Should I wake him?” “Okay, I’ll let him know, bye.” “What’s up?” René stumbled out of the bedroom. “Tal says to stay here tonight. They’ve called off the search; it’s raining too hard.” “No, Katie we’d better get going.” “René, Tal knows these things. He’s right in there with everyone. That’s what you tell me, so trust him. Eat your hamburger then go back to bed. You’re not going to make a difference if we leave now or in a few hours.” “Okay, but can you go and get gas, the tank is almost empty.” “Sure, now get some sleep.” Katie walked into the night. The stars were gone, hidden behind a thick cloud cover. She was glad

Navajo Words

Bilagáana: White man (Bi lay gonna) Chʼį́įdii Navajo Ghosts (shoddie-aye) Hózhó, Universal harmony. (Haw-shaw) Shimá, Mother (sha-maa) Ma'ii Bizò' (Mah ee Bihzon) — Coyote Shimásání, Grandmother (Sha-masawni) Shádí: older sister Shideezhí, younger sister K’aalógii, butterfly see 2:44 on this video of romantic phrases Hatałii, medicine man Hogan, house. This video is a great intro. Hogan is explained at the end. Practice these 24 words, some are in the list above us. The purpose of this exercise is to train your mouth to say sounds differently, using a nasal tone, I think that's what it's called. I love you= Ayóó'ánííníshní," Yéiitsoh, very bad spirit. (Yate-sow) First 5 seconds. Navajo Const

Who is Katie Reynolds?

Katie Reynolds is the main character in the veterinary series named after the Navajo maiden.

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