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Navajo Words

Bilagáana: White man (Bi lay gonna)

Chʼį́įdii Navajo Ghosts (shoddie-aye)

Hózhó, Universal harmony. (Haw-shaw)

Shimá, Mother (sha-maa)

Ma'ii Bizò' (Mah ee Bihzon) — Coyote

Shimásání, Grandmother (Sha-masawni)

Shádí: older sister

Shideezhí, younger sister

K’aalógii, butterfly see 2:44 on this video of romantic phrases

Hatałii, medicine man

Hogan, house. This video is a great intro. Hogan is explained at the end.

Practice these 24 words, some are in the list above us. The purpose of this exercise is to train your mouth to say sounds differently, using a nasal tone, I think that's what it's called.

I love you= Ayóó'ánííníshní,"

Yéiitsoh, very bad spirit. (Yate-sow) First 5 seconds.

Navajo Constellations Pronunciation Guide

There is a high tone to all vowels that are marked with an accent (á, é, í, ó). There is a nasalization to all vowels that are marked with a hook (à, è, ì, ò). There is a glottal stop, a closing of the throat, for all vowels with an apostrophe (‘). All pronunciations are approximate. Some sounds do not exist in the English language.

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