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Navajo Words

Bilagáana: White man (Bi lay gonna)

Chʼį́įdii Navajo Ghosts (shoddie-aye)

Hózhó, Universal harmony. (Haw-shaw)

Shimá, Mother (sha-maa)

Ma'ii Bizò' (Mah ee Bihzon) — Coyote

Shimásání, Grandmother (Sha-masawni)

Shádí: older sister

Shideezhí, younger sister

Hatałii, medicine man

Navajo Constellations Pronunciation Guide

There is a high tone to all vowels that are marked with an accent (á, é, í, ó). There is a nasalization to all vowels that are marked with a hook (à, è, ì, ò). There is a glottal stop, a closing of the throat, for all vowels with an apostrophe (‘). All pronunciations are approximate. Some sounds do not exist in the English language.

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