Rory turned to Honey. “Open the surgery pack and table drape pack, then go tie Jen up. I’ll get started,” he said as he took his place on Zoe’s right side. Rory placed four sterile towels to outline the surgery site on top of the belly, securing them to each other and the skin using sharp pincher clamps. The towels were secured onto the patient when the pincers were closed. The towels maintained a sterile barrier around the surgery site that wouldn't move. Returning to the drape pack, Rory picked up the final curtain, a big folded piece of material. He waited for Jen to assume her place across the surgery table. “Ready to place the drape?” He asked. "Sure," Jen nodded and extended her gloved

Hearst Castle

“I would like to build something up on the hill at San Simeon. I get tired of going up there and camping in tents. I’m getting a little too old for that. I’d like to get something that would be a little more comfortable.” — William Randolph Hearst “William Randolph Hearst said this to the architect Julia Morgan,” Denise said. Russ and Denise were seasoned guides, and tonight they were overseeing the matriculation of newly graduated docents at Hearst Castle. Enamored with the majesty and history of the place, the couple opted to throw a significant portion of their free time reliving the good old days of California opulence and excess. Everyone dressed in period clothing. A week earlier, Russ

The Ancient Series

I call the second part Ancient Katie. These next four books deal with Katie's life in 1326 BC, when she becomes Ishtar, the Goddess of Love and War As an author I have an ability to land these guys anywhere in space and time, allowing me a wide-open palette from which to paint their actions. Using time travel, and magic I place our heroes in unique situations and locations all over the world, and anytime in history, intertwining factual history with religious myths and miracles. Katie Reynolds, a young veterinary doctor from California, is sent overseas to war-torn Kurdistan to find a disease spreading from animals to people. Unexpectedly caught in a firestorm, she is cast into the ancient M

Hearst's English Castle

“What were you saying about Hearst's mistress, Marion?” Rory asked. “He saw Marion in a chorus line in 1915. Hearst was fifty-two, with a pregnant wife at home. But he still haunted the theaters, second row, one seat for him, and one for his hat. He was familiar to the showgirls, one of the wealthy men who would give a girl something nice if she favored him with her company.” “Really.” Russ nodded. “Marion was eighteen, but she knew what she was doing. She was already a practiced hand at this game. When she lost his first gift, a Tiffany Watch, she called Hearst up for a replacement.” “He should have known she was a gold-digger. It seems obvious to me.” “She was a gold digger all right, and

Goddess of Death

“Did Marion spend much time at the castle here in San Simeon?” Katie asked. “Yes, but she disappeared when Mrs. Hearst visited. Hearst loved Marion and vice versa. They found a note she wrote to a friend; ‘God, I’d give everything I have to marry that silly old man. Not for the money and security, he’s given me more than I’ll ever need. Not because he’s such cozy company, either. Most times, when he starts jawing, he bores me stiff. And certainly not because he’s so wonderful behind the barn.’” Denise liked that particular letter. Smiling, she turned her hands over, sending the dialogue to Russ. “Here we are in the barn.” “Okay, we’re here. This is the sitting room, the room between their be

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