Tiger Darting

“Bull's eye!” Honey exclaimed. “Can I try Doc?” “Let me finish these three, then it can be your turn,” Rory said. The target was twenty feet away. He pulled the second dart from his pocket. It was an elongated plastic syringe with a needle at one end and a feathered yarn tail at the other. The syringe was empty of medicine as he was just practicing. His blowpipe was a lightweight aluminum tube with a mouthpiece at one end. When he raised it to his lips, he looked like he was ready to blow a bugle charge. Instead, he could puff a dart into an animal and that puff was powerful enough to enter the hide, as long as the needle tip was sharp. He watched Honey blow off a few rounds and decided they

Tiger Implant

Once Tamyra was down and quiet Sandra opened the gate and they entered the tiger’s den. Rory and Honey each grabbed a front paw and dragged her into the center of the cage. “Okay stay back. I want to put a catheter in her neck, so we can have more control over the anesthesia.” Using a straight edge razor blade, he removed fur from her jugular furrow. Like the horse, the furrow is in the lower part of the neck and offers easy access to the jugular vein. Rory inserted a large catheter to give her instant sedation if needed. “How does a catheter in her neck help with anesthesia?” Sandra asked. “I placed the first two shot in the muscles which takes a length of time to become absorbed. By placin

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