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Queensland Horse Ride

There was a persistent tap on Jen’s door.

“I’ve scheduled a horseback ride today Jen. You and I are going to check fence and water lines,” Billy said through the closed door.

“That sounds great, but I’m going to need breakfast.”

“It’s too late for breakfast. Besides, I fancy a bushman’s breakfast; a morning piss, a good look round, and nothing to eat until lunch. I’ll be waitin’ outside.”

“Well lunch then,” she replied, as she heard his footsteps withdraw. It was amazing how fucking irritating Billy could be. She pulled on some loose fitting jeans and laced up her sneakers.

“Good morning,” she said when she opened the front door. He was waiting on the small front porch for her.

“G’day,” he replied scanning her from head to toe. “We’re going riding; you can’t wear runners, you need riding boots. Oh, and no anal floss.”

“What is anal floss?”

“Skimpy underwear that shouldn’t be worn by ladies riding horses. I think you call them G-strings.”

“I didn’t bring my boots with me because I didn’t know we would be riding horses, ” she retorted.

“Excuse me,” Billy mumbled more words as he pushed by and went back into the small house. Soon he came out with a pair of brown, scuffed boots with spurs attached to them.

“Here, use these.” He shoved them at her.

Sitting on an outside chair, Jen unlaced her shoes and put the boots on. Although they fit well, she was uneasy putting her feet into someone else’s footwear. She wondered if they were Holly’s but thought it best not to ask.

She followed Billy to the barn where they collected two horses for the ride. Billy saddled a bay colored thoroughbred, Dharma, for himself. He then pulled out a painted quarter horse, Babe, for Jen to ride. Billy picked the feet up on each horse and used a hoof pick to clean out any stones. Saddling them both, he put bridles on them and asked Jen if she needed help.

“No thanks,” she said deftly hoisting herself into the saddle.

As they started their ride, the dogs became excited; they were going on a mission. The three Queensland Heelers, Pearl, Cecil, and Freckles wound their way among the horses yipping and barking their intention to become the meanest and most bad-ass dogs in the neighborhood.






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