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Road Trip

“Okay. Here comes mile one,” Rory said, as they passed the last Window Rock crossroad. Katie bent her arm and freed the first of two buttons on the left sleeve. Rory understood, speeding up to sixty miles per hour. A minute later he announced the second mile, then turned onto Highway 264. Katie reached and unclasped the second button on her left sleeve. Rory sped up to sixty again as fast as he could. Two more miles went by, and Katie opened her right-hand sleeve. Another mile and she reached up under the necklace to release the top button of her blouse at the collar. Rory pushed the accelerator to seventy.

“You’d better slow down, Rory. I won’t know what to say to the officer if we get stopped.”

“Mile six, Katie,” he replied, as he slowed down to sixty-five. “Mile seven. Need any help there?”

“Oh, no. You need to concentrate on your driving. Better keep both hands on the wheel.”

Rory drove mile after entertaining mile. “Mile twelve,” he reported, as the car passed the halfway mark on Highway 264.

“Oh, there it is, the last button on my blouse. Why don’t we close the windows? It’s a little chilly for me.” Katie pulled her shirt all the way open. She was not wearing a bra, and her necklace nestled between her tanned breasts, which rose and sank with each breath. The wind crinkled her aureoles and made her nipples firm.

“Don’t forget to turn right onto Highway 491, Rory.”

“What happens if I accidentally turn left and we go the wrong way?”

“I don’t know, let me think. Oh, I know. I’ll have to start buttoning back up.”

“I’ll make sure I turn right, baby. Oh, look. It’s mile thirteen.”

“Hmm, how should I start?” Katie’s hands wandered over her breasts, moving down across her baby bulge to her waistline. Without saying anything, she unbuttoned the top of her skirt allowing the waistband of her white panties to come into view.

“Mile fourteen,” Rory announced.

“I know… I’ll start from the bottom of my skirt.” Katie bent down to free the lowest fastener.

During the next four miles, more fell away. A mile later, a right turn and another button came undone. Katie’s skirt was open to her knees, revealing tanned, beautiful calves.

The car was heading south towards Gallup. Rory read the odometer, did some quick math, and realized there were only eight buttons left to open. He pushed the accelerator and read out the miles. “Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two.”

Katie’s thighs were in the open. Rory took his right hand off the steering wheel and placed it on her toned leg.

“What are you doing, dear?”

“Checking to see how you liked my razor.”

“It was rough. Your face must be tougher than my legs.”

“Mile twenty-three…” Another button. “Mile twenty-four…” And yet another button was loosened.

“Here, I’ll throw in the last two miles as one. That will give me time for recess.” Katie’s skirt fell away, revealing all of her. Her white panties separated her tan torso and legs.

“Recess? What do you mean?”

“Rory, didn’t you ever have recess when you were in school? You know, the period during the school day when children can play?”


“Well, this is adult recess.”

“How so?”

“I now have time to explore some of my recesses. You can watch, but make sure you don’t run off the road.” She slid her fingers underneath the waistband of her white panties.


26 Miles, 26 Buttons Gallup!





Audiobook coming soon




Window Rock to Gallup: ButterflyBoy, Chapter 27​

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