Mile High Club

After Pounder was taken away for loading on the plane, Janie walked Jen as far as she was allowed to go without a ticket. They hugged, and Jen headed for the long snaking line of people waiting to go through the security stations.

“Excuse me Miss, is this your bag?” An English-accented voice asked. Janie turned to see two fellows, one wearing a curious brown hat. The thing was made of green canvas and had what appeared to be corks dangling from the brim. Janie quickly averted her glance afraid her reaction to the God-awful thing would be rude. The tall one who spoke was pointing to Jen’s carry-on.

“Yes, no not mine, it's Jen’s. She stepped into line over there. She’s the one wearing a cowboy hat.”

“That way?” The second Aussie mate squinted and pointed.


“Good that’s where we’re going too, c’mon Richard!” The two ran after Jen. Janie smiled knowing Jen was going to have an enjoyable flight.

“Sheila! You’ve forgotten your bag!”

Jen smiled. Hearing the Australian accent immediately lightened her mood. She looked around for someone named Sheila, but she was the only female nearby. She saw two tall, handsome, tanned men looking at her with big smiles on their faces.

“Excuse me!” the cutest one said. “Is this your bag?”

“Oh, it is thanks. Where did I leave it?”

“At that last counter.”

Her tired eyes became very shiny as she focused on the young men. “Thank you. My name is Jen,” she said and held out her hand.

Both men stood tall, relaxed, and self-assured.

“G’day I’m Brolga,” the cute one replied in a heart melting Australian accent. “I’m here with me mate Richard. We’re from Australia.”

“I can tell by your accent.” Things were looking better by the minute. Brolga was three to four inches taller than Jen. He had a sharp shock of strawberry blonde hair and freckles sprinkled all over his face. Richard looked to be five-foot-nine. They wore heavy hiking boots and warm flannel shirts with Levi jeans.

“How is yer going? I’m Richard,” stated the other fellow with the hat still perched on his head.

That made Jen giggle; Richard had wine bottle corks dangling freely, happily, and haphazardly from the brim of his hat. The entire effect was comical. Every time he moved his head the corks would hesitate a moment before being yanked along with the movement of the cap.

“What are those corks for?” she asked afraid to call them dingle balls lest she offend the fellow.

“This here’s a cork hat. These corks here keep the flies and bugs away,” he replied matter-of-factly. He removed his hat as he straightened up to shake hands with Jen. He had black hair and was thinner than Brolga.

“Where are you headed, Jen?”

“Sydney for a month then Gatton. It's up north somewhere.”

“We’re going that way too; we should stay together. What seat are you in?”

“First class 3A. And you?”

“Cheap we’re in the tourist section 81 B and C I think…. Hmmm, let’s see, yep.”

“But we can still mingle, it’s a long flight,” Jen volunteered. She stayed to talk with them when the call came for first class passengers.

Brolga noticed. “Jen they’re calling first class, go get your seat we’ll mingle after take-off as you say.”

“What do you like to drink? I’ll order you one. They always ask me what I drink before I sit down, Brolga. What do you like?”

“Richard and I are taking a fancy to your California wines.”

“What type?”

“You mean red or white?”

She nodded.

“White, fruity white wine, Gewurztraminer.”

“I can do that. Take your time boarding. I’ll get you a glass.” She squeezed his hand before turning to queue up for First Class boarding.

Sure enough, she appeared in coach with two glasses of wine during the mild chaos of seating passengers.

“Thanks, Jen,” Brolga said.

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you later when things calm down.”

Jen dug into her bag to retrieve one of the sleeping pills Janie gave her. It would get her sleeping in ten minutes and keep her down for a few hours. She ordered a double gin and tonic and popped her pill.

Jen woke sometime in the middle of the night. The plane must have lurched her awake because the loudspeaker remained quiet. She looked outside. It was dark, nothing below but moonlit ocean. Beautiful, but very dull after the first few minutes. The flight attendants were resting, and most of the passengers were asleep.

She walked past the business class where guys in their suits were sleeping or working on their laptops.

In Second-Class she passed a couple playing cribbage. She walked to the back of the plane and there in seat 53C she came upon Brolga in a deep sleep. Richard was one seat over, and he too was asleep.

Smiling, she gently pushed on Brolga’s shoulder.

“Oh! Hi there,” he yawned sleepily. “What’s up Jen?”

“I need you to see something Brolga. Come here, follow me.” She took his hand, helping him to his feet. He took a moment to rub his neck and get the sleep from his head.

“What do you need Jen?”

She chuckled. “I need you, Brolga.”

He smiled, nodded, and followed. There were bathrooms directly behind the boys' seats. She opened the door to the first but was dismayed at the cramped space, so she closed it, hoping the next restroom was bigger. It was. She smiled, turned, and pulled him in, sliding the lock to ‘Occupied.’

Sitting her butt on the small sink, she turned and invited him closer pulling his face towards hers. She let their lips touch; then their tongues twirled together as she pulled him closer. She could feel his cock harden as he leaned against her leg.

She was wearing a blouse and skirt. Smiling, he unbuttoned her blouse, admiring her breasts in the lacy black bra. Popping first the right one then the left one free of the lace he kissed each nipple sucking briefly. She responded by grinding her hips into his crotch.

Her hand went behind his head, pulling him to her. "I want you in me," she whispered.

He pulled her skirt up and saw she had no underwear. Moving away from her, he kicked his shoes off and wiggled free of his pants. She laughed at his sexy shimmy as he worked his underwear off without bending down.

"Someone had us in mind when they designed the height of the sink," she murmured as she grabbed his hard penis, rubbing her clit and pussy lips with it.

Leaning back, she wrapped her hands around his bum and pulled him fully inside her. She wound her legs snugly around him and let him work his magic in the confines of the little lavatory. Orgasming simultaneously, the roar of the engines drowned out their moans. They kissed and dressed. He left the restroom first, closing the door behind him. As another person waiting opened it Jen stepped out causing the woman to do a double take. A stewardess looked at them knowingly and gave her a sly smile.

“Let’s go up to the lounge,” she said. “We can sit together there.”

He followed her up a stairway to the sitting area with a snack bar. Jen poured herself a coffee and Brolga popped a beer open.

“The hats you guys wear, seem kind of flimsy Brolga,” Jen said.

“Not so Sheila! They are much more useful than your cowboy hats, which need particular attention to keep them looking proper. These hats are called Barmah Oilskin Canvas Hats. They have chinstraps, so a gust of wind won’t send them flying down the plains as your cowboy hats do. They are also crushable. Here watch this.” Brolga pulled his hat from his back pocket put it on his head then took it off folded it and returned it to his pocket. “If an American cowboy hat got crushed this way the poor bloke would need to buy a new one next chance he got.”

“Okay, so what are the corks for?”

“To keep the flies away. You should know that Sheila. You look like a cowgirl with your boots and hat. I’m surprised your hats don’t have such conveniences.”

“We’re more into the image; our cowboys wear Resistol or ten-gallon hats, not floppy hats with used corks hanging from them. Why were you in the States, Brolga?”

“Richard and I went to see the cutting horse finals in Reno.”

“You run cattle? I thought Australia was known for its sheep. I didn’t realize you were beef eaters like us.”

“Richard and I are Jackaroos or were. Now we are boundary riders, but we keep up with our riding and roping. And you’re right about sheep. They are a big industry, but so is cattle-farming especially in the north, in Queensland. There are a handful of massive cattle stations up there. Sheep are more to the southeast. Now that Mad Cow Disease is in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, Australia is supplying beef to Japan, China, and South Korea."

“What is a boundary rider?”

“Richard and I are one of fourteen doggers. The Wild Dog Destruction Board pays us twenty-six thou a year for maintaining six-hundred kilometers of the fence, five days a week, all to keep the dingoes in Queensland and South Australia out of the grazing lands of the states west.

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