Yotzei Dofen

Ancient C-Sections were so prevalent they caused a legal issue to arise regarding one's inheritance.

A Successful C-section depended upon keeping mom still. The ancients used alcohol as well as natural plants sedatives.

C-sections have been done for thousands of years, but long before Rome’s time, about twelve hundred years earlier. The Babylonian Talmud, an ancient Jewish religious text, mentions a procedure similar to the caesarean section. The procedure is termed yotzei dofen, and was performed in temples in northern Iraq, from Baghdad to Mosul, which was called Nineveh back then.”

“They did it without anesthesia?”

“There are a number of sources in the Talmud that discuss the case of a successful cesarean section performed on a living mother, centuries before such cases were medically recognized.”

— Michal Cohen

A child born via Cesarean section, and the one who comes after him, neither of them is the firstborn, not to inheritance nor to the kohen.

“That’s precisely why it’s in the Talmud,” Katie explained. “It is how they determined the legality of infants delivered by surgery. Yotzei dofen means one who comes forth from the wall of the mother’s abdomen. The other way is through the womb, her vagina, the natural way of childbirth. The entire pelvic region is referred to as the womb, not just the uterus. It’s like their concept of babies and sex was at grade school level where the womb referred to all those unknown female innie parts.”

“Innie parts?” “As opposed to outie parts. You know, boys have the hot dog, girls have the bun. For boys what you see is what you get. Girls have inner parts, just the outer opening into a vast, mysterious world where pleasure goes in, and babies come out.” “I thought you said it was grade school level.” “I did.” “Not with this pleasure stuff.” She smiled politely and ignored his baiting. “The firstborn male had individual rights and obligations, usually inheriting the family business and wealth. This is why its legality was constantly questioned. A yotzei dofen was not eligible to receive the firstborn entitlement. They put it in the Torah in Exodus 13:2, that’s how frequent the problem was.”

“Yep, that’s Jewish people for you, lawyers to the nth degree.” “That’s amazing, Katie,” Rory said. “When did you learn this stuff?” “The whole time I was at Cal Poly. Paula’s mom is a history professor at Cal Poly, specializing in near eastern ancient studies. She would talk about this stuff incessantly.” “So this predates Rome by how long?” “This occurred twelve to fourteen hundred years before Christ.” “But were they successful really, these surgeries?” Sheriff questioned. “Common enough to raise an issue all the way into the Talmud, their Constitution. It could also be an explanation for Jesus being born from a virgin. The Christian idea of a virgin birth is derived from the verse in your Bible Isaiah 7:14 describing an "alma" as giving birth. The word "alma" always meant a young woman when the thing was written. But centuries later Christian theologians translated it as ‘virgin’”. “Jesus was delivered by C-section? Wow, I don’t know where you are going with this, Doctor, but this is weird.” "I did not say that. I am just pointing to the fact the word Alma was never before used to describe a virgin. However, it is possible it’s one reason for the Jews to reject Jesus’s qualifications. If he were the firstborn male in one of David’s descendants, it would make him eligible for Messiah. If Mary had problems delivering, and she brought Jesus into the world via a C-section, he would live, but not be in the firstborn legal position.” “Whoa partner, slow that speeding-away brain of yours. You’re scaring the clients!” Rory went over to Katie and hugged her, smiling indulgently. She flashed him an angry, 'take your hands off me' look. Boy, did he misjudge this! He was hoping for a hug and something like ‘it's ok’ kiss from her. He dropped his arms, and she continued. “Shoot, by Jesus’ time they would have been doing it for twelve hundred years. This was after Greece’s glory days. They were in the middle of the good-old Roman days.” “I bet C-sections were done a lot.” Rory was still trying to help, nonchalantly tossing it out. “Wouldn’t that be right, Katie?

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