Pumpkin, the Icteric Kitty

The next morning Rory came in late because he was still learning the art of performing an intravenous drip on himself. Honey met him at the door holding an orange cat.

“Hey, Doc, how are you?” She asked.

“Good,” he chuckled, seeing the cat in Honey’s arms. “What do you have there?”

“It’s Pumpkin. Steve Derks dropped him off. He’s taking Janice to a doctor in SLO for her back.”

“What’s wrong with Pumpkin?” Rory asked.

“He quit eating and is turning orange. He looks like that bottle of Ceftiofur I made up last night. And he’s orange inside as well as outside.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look!” Honey exclaimed. Opening the cat’s mouth Rory understood. The inside of the mouth was no longer pink. It was an orange color.

“He’s jaundiced, Honey.”

“Steve didn’t say anything about that. He told me Pumpkin stopped eating and has soft stools. He thinks it’s some sort of stomach upset.”

“Not if he’s jaundiced. The problem is more severe than he thinks. Let’s start some tests, then I’ll call him,” Rory decided.

Rory followed Honey into the exam room where they began an evaluation.

“What causes the yellowness, Doc?” Honey wondered.

“It’s called jaundice or icterus, Honey. It comes from the buildup of bilirubin. Normally we produce small amounts of bilirubin. When our red blood cell become too old they are taken apart by cells called macrophages in the liver. One of the normal byproducts of this process is bilirubin. Jaundice is caused by too much bilirubin. This occurs either when bile ducts are clogged, as in liver disease, or when the red blood cells are being destroyed too fast. This means I’m looking for blood or liver issues and a quick way to find out is to pull some blood and run a PCV. Hold the kitty so I can pull a blood sample from his jugular vein.”

Retrieving the blood Rory divvied it up between tubes and slides for his tests. One of these was the PCV, the packed cell volume.

“Aha, here’s the problem!” Rory exclaimed as he placed a hematocrit tube atop a graph.

Compare this to a normal blood sample:

“The fellow’s anemic. His PCV has dropped to 8% and the serum above the blood column is as orange as Pumpkin. Something is killing off his red cells.”

“No wonder he’s panting, he has hardly any red cells left,” Honey said.

“Um, hmmm, this kitty has jaundice due to anemia. It’s not his liver. There is something breaking the cells apart. Let’s run an FELV/FIV test and also a mycoplasma PCR,” Rory decided. “In the meantime, let’s start fluids and antibiotics. We may need a blood transfusion, too. And send this blood tube and slides to IDEXX for a CBC.”

Rory went into his office to call Steve. Honey was setting up the in-house tests when the front door ringer dinged. She came into Rory’s office looking mortified.

“Doc, I forgot to call Denise Frisco to cancel her spay,” she said gently, cringing inside because she’d not changed the schedule.

“I thought we discussed this,” he said, his irritation rising.

“I was looking at the wrong Tuesday when I booked her,” she apologized.

“Call Denise and change it,” he decided.

“She’s here right now.”

“Oh,” Rory replied, looking at his bandaged arm. “How the hell can I do surgery when my left hand won’t fit into a surgical glove?”