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Pushing Daydreams into Books

I'm developing a talk regarding what one does with those fleeting thoughts that come by. You know, the ones that declare: I need to write about this!

Turn This:

Into This!

Thoughts that come my way are either developed into Blogs or are placed inside Book Folders as future chapters, depending on how they come to me.


Things that come to me from seeing something on the internet go into the unpublished portion of my blog. Thus begins my first categorization. I need to see if the blog can fit into a current section, or whether a new category is needed. Currently I have 36 categories inside my blog. Here's a sample:

I often develop a blog because of an incident or special case that happens at work. Following my urge to explain the problem I incorporate pictures and thoughts into an untethered blog; ie, one unrelated to any of my books.

With the information set, I can access the stuff for incorporation into my write whenever I see a place in a book that could use this information. Repeating this process lots of times, I end up with stuff that intrigues readers.

Here's a blog that came from collecting newspaper clippings:

Desktop Book Folders

Or place the piece inside the appropriate book folder. Currently I have 17 book folders:

Depending on how relevant the topic is it is assigned a chapter in one of the books, or it's dropped inside the folder for the specific book:

How's this for a start to a talk on how to organize your thoughts?

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