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Editing is Like Doing Laundry

Earlier I explained how fun it is to write a book. It's like building a house starting with a good foundation, a strong story arc. However that's only half the job. Now that your thoughts have materialized into words on paper the content needs to be checked and rechecked ad nauseum. This is the editing phase which I compare to doing laundry. Many writers utilize critique groups to help edit. I prefer to do my laundry at home where I have editing expertise available 24-7 using two on-line editing applications, Grammarly and Prowriter.

Unlike critique groups which occur in soft and fuzzy social settings where the writer obtains helpful hints from friends who don't want to hurt your feelings, these programs gi

run my stuff

Step 1

Sorting and loading = Grammarly Preview

Spray stain remover <<================>> Sticky Word Check

Turn on washer <<================>> Prowriter Combo Check

Dryer <<================>> Grammarly Final

Ironing <<================>> Follow a read out

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