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Local Wedding

Back home, we made plans for a second party to celebrate the wedding with our local friends. Just a month ago we had been at a business Christmas Party sponsored by San Luis Farm Supply. They rented out a hall in Pismo Beach that seemed perfect for our needs, so we put down a deposit and made plans. Mary wrote a poem for the invitation. She printed her poem on blue paper folded in quarters to allow it to fit into a letter size envelope.

Two weeks before February 21 the Garden called Mary and told her they were going out of business. They needed to know where to return the deposit.

Mary scrambled. People had been RSVP’ing for our event, and we had nowhere to steer them. Mary called John Katavich, the fellow she and Melenie met when they moved to Creston. He was in the process of building his house. Typical of John’s nonconforming style his house was a geodesic dome home, and even though the walls did not have drywall on them yet, there was plenty of room for plenty of people. He was pleased to help, and now we were able to share our wedding with our closest neighbors and family.


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