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“Every time I come here, I’m blown away by the magic. There is a particular type of calm about this area, don’t you think?”

“I think it’s the fog,” Rory replied in his practical way.”

— Yeiitsoh Omen, Jim Aarons

"Well that sure isn't very romantic, if it's just fog. Come on, have a little imagination, Mr. Scientist. We’re supposed to be developing life plans together, not downgrading an awesome feeling to a natural everyday phenomenon. Paula and Tom are already here, I saw their car in the lot.”

Katie opened the heavy glass and wood front door of Nepenthe’s restaurant, but didn’t see them inside.

“Let’s go to the back, straight that way.” Katie pointed ahead of her. “They must be outside. Paula loves to sit on the patio and look down the coastline. There they are. Hey Paula, Tom!” She waved and hurried her steps to get to her friends.

Everyone ordered their favorite things while the waitress gathered the menus and returned with the drinks. The conversation dropped to nothing, it was so peaceful here. The day was clear, and the view down the coastline was spectacular. The blue surface of the water, broken by cresting waves, shimmered in the sunlight. All was quiet except for the noise of an occasional bird, the tinkling of flatware on the tables, and a low murmur of conversation. The restaurant was high up on the cliff top and the outside guests couldn't hear the waves crashing onto the shoreline, hundreds of feet below.






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